Grove Zero - Sound Sensor

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An input module to measure intensity of sound in the surrounding environment.

Module Category: Input

Color: Blue 

What is it?

Sound sensors measure the intensity of ambient sound and digitally represent the intensity level.

Grove Zero Series Introduction:

Grove Zero is a set of programmable elctronic building blocks which snap together with magentic connections & are used in conjuction with graphical programming software to achieve creative and functional projects. Grove Zero can be used boths as a tool to foster children's creativty as a classroom tool for STEM education. Learn more about the series here.

If this is your first experience with the Grove Zero series, we recommend that you purchase introductory kits such as the Starter Kit, Car Kit or Bit Kit, which include instructional documentation to help you get familiar with this educational series.

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How this module works?

The Sound Sensor is a simple microphone. It measures the noises nearby and converts the sound waves to electrical signals, more specifically acoustic analog signals into digital levesl ranging from 0 to 1023. When the noise is lower than a certain level, which is called the "LOW Threshold", the sensor detects a ‘"QUIET environment". When the noise is above a "HIGH Threshold", it detects a "LOUD environment".

Try to use the LOW/HIGH Threshold to trigger events like display the an ‘unhappy face’ on LED matrix when the environment is ‘Loud’.

You can program the Sound Sensor very easily with Codecraft to achieve more creative and challenging projects.

soundsensor infographic

Try It

Connect modules together as shown below and see what happens when you move the modules to a quieter or noisier environment:

--Main Board BLE
--LED Matrix
--Sound Sensor


Real World Analogy

soundsensor anology


Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Power Supply :Grove Zero battery module
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max)
Power Indication LED

 Other Details:

Other Details

Weight 15 (g)
Age for Use: 8+




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