Grove Zero - Slider

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• What is it?

The Slider is commonly used to control electrical devices such as the LED dimmer of light or a volume fader seen on an audio equipment.

• How it works?

The Slider is a kind of ‘potentiometer’, which is a variable resistor used for measuring electrical voltage as well as current control.

As you slide the bar all the way from the left to the right, it’s sending a voltage signal from 0 to the 3.3V, but in fact you are reading 0 to 1023 as the signal is converted into digital signals.

• Try it

Connect the circuit shown below, then slide the bar of the Slider module and see wh will happen.

• Real World Analogy

LED Dimmer, Volume Fader

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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