MARK Recognition Card Pack

The Recognition Card Pack enables you to conveniently make full use of the pre-trained models' recognition capabilities which are preloaded onto Make A Robot Kit. The Pack comes with magnetic stickers which also allow you to deploy the 'pick up' function with the electromagnetic module of MARK. Make A Robot Kit is your hands on AI learning experience. Find the full details on the MARK product page

MARK, your hands on AI learning experience 

Recognition Card Pack was designed for use with MARK - Make A Robot Kit

Note: The car shown in the video above is not included in this product. 

MARK's has AI recognition capabilities, and can perform different actions according to the images on these cards that it differentiates between. While MARK will recognise real life objects, these cards allow a larger scope of objects and images to be recognised in the home or classroom. 

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Key Features

Make A Self Driving Car

Implement your self-driving,  advanced map & story based projects or use in robotics competitions. This complete cards pack includes all the traffic signs listed in the table below so the actions you'd perform on a road can be programmed for MARK to do automatically after recognising the relevant traffic sign.  

 Scroll down for a project video of the self driving function. 

Interactive & Engaging through AI Recognition 

Mark comes pre-loaded with functionality to recognise colors, shapes and the objects within these categories. But of course you should train your own custom models! We provide a colab notebook to guide you through this process. Scroll down to check out a video of MARK interacting with real Pet animals, however Domestic animal cards are included in this pack so you don't have to bring your pets to the classroom. 

On Device Model Training

Simple custom classifier models can be trained on MARK through data collection via the onboard camera, automatic data processing & model traning by the CyberEye (brains of the MARK), and model deployment directly on MARK which can be saved for reuse on the SD card. New cards may be printed and used with the stands and magentic stickers included in this pack for use in pick-up sorting applications. 

Interactive with the external world

Aside from the obvious camera sensor, there is an ultrasonic sensor included for collision avoidance, a button which you can program to change modes, and an electromagnet which gives MARK a "pick up" function. Simply attach metallic stickers (included in pack) on the back of an image card. 

MARK is designed to be extended in creative ways

We've developed a with mini-grabber and rubber slingshot attachment to extend the fun you can have with your MARK. This will be available in the Robotics Extension Pack but you are also welcome to make your own designs to extend MARK's applications. While these attachments are not included in the card pack, the image cards can serve as targets for the slingshot attachment as well as location or area markers. 

Accessible Yet Intelligent

We want AI learning to be accessible to those from a variety of backgrounds so you'll be able to code MARK graphically by dragging and dropping code blocks. As you can see, the images included in the pack are supported on codecraft and pre-trained models, so you can quickly & conveniently get an AI empowered project deployed on your MARK. 

Codecraft is a graphical programming software based on Scratch 3.0, developed by us which is available on desktop & in-browser. Codecraft will support MARK AI functions in drag and drop code, as well as enabling you to see what the MicroPython code would look like. Simply connect and then click upload to start using your MARK with it's edited program. If you're confident with your coding skills you can also go ahead and edit text-based Python code in Codecraft. You can even use your own custom models through Codecraft. 

Customizable, Extendable & Open Source

You can print your own images to paste on these cards, and train custom models to recognise a new category. 

  • This kit is suitable for: 

Maker teachers / high school students / homeschooling educators / STEM camps / AI experimenters / AI & robotics learners

  • MARK Project Videos 

  • What's in the Box

Which Cards? 

Note: The MARK CAR & other attachments or maps shown in images and videos on this page are not included in this pack. 

Other Details:

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 185 (L) * 165(W) * 30 (H) (mm)
Weight 0.204 (kg)
Age for Use: 12+

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More Information
Product Name in Widget Recognition Card Pack
Length 18cm
Width 16cm
Height 3cm
Weight 0.2kgs
Battery Excluded