Make A Robot Kit Machine Learning Pack

Machine Learning Pack is designed to be used with MARK(Make A Robot Kit) car. The pack helps users discover about Machine Learning, implementing the popular SUMO robot projects with the attachments and SUMO Compmetition Map. The items in this pack are also referenced in the Machine Learning Coursework which accompanies Make A Robot Kit. If you haven't checked out MARK already, click this link

Note: The car shown in the video above is not included in this product, but this pack is designed to be use in conjunction with the MARK car for machine learning applications. 

The Machine Learning Pack includes a competition mat ideal for battle bot fights and enough battle hardware for two MARKs. 

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Key Features

Hands On from Construction to Coding

For a Hands on construction experience, MARK will come disassembled in parts with the tools you need to make your robot. So with the Machine Learning Pack, other than it's intended use, ie SUMO bot ramming attachments of which there are enough for two bots, you may choose to use the structural plates & brackets in other creative ways.  The extendability of MARK means you can add attachments. Please note the slingshot attachment shown in the image above is not included in this pack. To purchase please see the Robotics Extension Pack

Supported with Coursework and Graphical Coding Software 

The Machine Learning course which pairs with this pack takes you through the concepts of Machine Learning, but also how to make your MARK into a SUMO battle bot. 
 is our project and lesson sharing platform where you can access course content directly related to MARK and our other support projects.  The coursework for Machine Learning references the components in this pack.  Find Lessons on  

  • This kit is suitable for: 

Maker teachers / high school students / homeschooling educators / STEM camps / AI experimenters / AI & robotics learners

Deep Learning SUMO Robot: See Project on Hackster

  • What's in the Box

Note: The MARK CAR & other attachments or maps shown in images and videos on this page are not included in this pack. 

Other Details:

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 340 (L) * 330(W) * 56 (H) (mm)
Weight 0.975 (kg)
Age for Use: 12+

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More Information
Product Name in Widget Machine Learning Pack
Length 34cm
Width 33cm
Height 5cm
Weight 0.98kgs
Battery Excluded