GameGo - handheld console, code your own games with makecode

Now kids can customize their own game & load onto their own pocket sized console. Fully supports Microsoft Makecode, both for block programming and JavaScript. Suitable for STEM educators wanting to use video games as a way to introduce students to programming.  

GameGo - A Retro Gaming Platform

As video games became more complex, a lot of effort went into their development. Now it requires a whole team of developers & lots of resources and time to make a video game.

What if you want a shortcut to making your own games? This handheld console is made for STEM educators or people who just like creating retro games. It is based on STM32F401RET6 ARM Cortex M4 chip and fully supports Microsoft MakeCode, both for block programming and JavaScript.


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Key Features

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Compatible - A Powerful Programming Platform

MakeCode Arcade is a popular platform for simulating your own games. You can easily use it through a web browser and download your code to deploy on GameGo. You can start by trying out some of the readily available examples on and then go on to develop your own creations.

There is support forum on MakeCode Arcade where you can ask questions, and you will be able to explore projects that other people have shared. 

Educational Course Materials

Kids' creative thinking and hands-on skills are nurtured while they design new games or recreate ones from the past. In the image above you see the outline of the accompanying course we provide. GameGo comes with a  multi-lesson online course to help users to learn the basics of making your own retro games. The course aims to guide students to understand and learn the software and hardware knowledge of game development starting with a simple game based on graphical programming, gradually deepening, and iterating continuously to make a relatively complex, multi-level and story-telling game project. The course provides a large number of game examples for students to understand the concepts and principles through improvement and optimization.

Sleek & Thoughtful Design

Our designers carefully selected the most suitable materials, keeping the layout familiar and intuitive to use within a handheld sized console. 

This kit is suitable for: 

Maker teachers / DIY hobbyists / high school students / gamers / homeschooling educators 

More Project Examples: 

What's in the Box

What's in the GameGo Box

What's in the Box 

1x GameGo Micro USB Cable Guidebook

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Display: 1.8'' 160x128 color TFT screen
Power Supply :Built-in lithium battery or 5V Micro USB
Built-in power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery (502535, 400mAh)
Working Voltage: 5V

Other Details:

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 121 (L) * 38 (W) * 115 (H) (mm)
Weight 150 (g)
Age for Use: 8+


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More Information
Product Name in Widget GameGo - handheld console
Length 52cm
Width 21cm
Height 82cm
Weight 0.15kgs
Battery Contained in equipment