BitGadget Kit


• What is it?

Sensors, motors, speaker and colorful lights, this kit includes everything you need to build fun and cool micro:bit projects that shine, move and make sound. It includes a BitMaker and up to 7 different Grove modules. All modules are plug-n-play and easy to code with Microsoft MakeCode editor.

• Technical Features

- Plug and play
- Up to 10 projects
- Fully support Microsoft Makecode and microPython

• What is included

1x BitMaker
1x Light Sensor
1x Sound Sensor
1x Button
1x Analog Servo (180°)
1x Ultrasonic Sensor
1x Mini Fan (with motor)
1x Vibration Motor
7x Grove Cable
1x 500mm USB Cable

• More Information

Get started with BitGadget Kit

Get started with Microsoft Makecode  

More Information
Weight 0.28kgs
Battery Excluded