BitStarter Kit - Grove extension kit for micro:bit

BitStarter Kit comes complete with a BitMaker Lite for micro:bit and 3 Grove modules for kids to realise their creative & functional projects. It's an educational, easy and functional product for micro:bit beginners to get started with micro:bit.

BitStarter Kit is mainly designed for users who are beginning to learn and use the micro:bit.

It has 3 connection ports for Grove modules, allowing beginners to explore many different micro:bit's projects with diverse functions. If you haven't heard of Grove before, Grove is a Seeed series which you can read more about here.

You can easily slide the micro:bit into the BitMaker Lite. The included buzzer, means the BitMaker Lite enables a lot of interesting audio projects, e.g. a fruit piano. If you want to purchase a BitMaker Lite separately, click here.

This kit also consists of a slide potentiometer, an ultrasonic sensor and a servo to implement various kinds of creative and fun ideas or designs. One project that comes to mind is using the sliding potentiometer to gradually control the speed of your servo, only allowing the servo to turn if the ultrasonic sensor does not detect a potential collision. You'll quickly and easily implement your projects with the micro:bit, BitMaker Lite and the Grove modules as all of these components are plug and play. 


You can use Microsoft MakeCode to program your custom code. Your projects will become both cool and easy to play with!

If you don't have a micro:bit, click here to buy one.

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  • Education Focus

With the BitStarter Kit, students will develop open source electronics understanding as well as programming skills. Students must exercise creative thinking and use their hands as they design their own projects, customising functions through graphical programming. Not only can kids build knowledge of the modules and graphical programming, but they can also learn how to create their own DIY projects.

  • Product Details

BitMaker Lite Infographic

BitMaker Lite

BitMaker Lite is a smaller and more compact version of BitMaker. Even thought it only has 3 Grove ports, it is sufficient for many projects. If you want to access more GPIOs, BitMaker Lite also provides component holes for all available pins of micro:bit, you can solder header connectors to use them.

BitMaker Lite PartList

Plug and Play

Three useful Grove modules included!

Apart from the extension board Bitmaker Lite's own buzzer, you'll have a slide potentiometer, ultrasonic sensor and servo to build projects with. You could create an adjustable light, ultrasonic automated door and so on.


Microsoft MakeCode Compatible - A Powerful Programming Platform

MakeCode is a widely-used graphical programming software which allows you to program the micro:bit. You can easily use it through a web browser.


Educational Course Materials

We provide free BitStarter Kit-related courses for schools and families. You can get started with BitStarter Kit no matter whether you are at class or home.

  • This product is suitable for: 

    Maker teachers / DIY hobbyists / upper-primary, lower-high school students / micro:bit users/ homeschooling educators

  • Project Examples: 



music player

Music Player 

Make a simple music player with the onboard buzzer of the BitMaker Lite.

ultrasonic sensor project

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 

Using the Ultrasonic sensor, set a specific distance to determine when something is near or far, and show a loveheart when an object is nearby, and a sleepy face when the object is far away.

servo motor project

Steering Servo Control

Buttons A and B on the micro:bit are pressed, to represent turn left or turn right. The LED display will show left and right arrows correspondingly, while the servo will rotate left, and right. Can be used for a DIY car gate project.

slider melody controller

Sliding melody controller

Change the broadcasted music depending on the position of the slide control, LED display animates correspondingly to show different patterns.

sliding servo control

Sliding servo control

Use the slide potentiometer to control the servo rotation, this configuration is commonly used in robotic arm projects.


  • What's in the Box

BitStarterKit partlist

What's in the Box 


BitMaker Lite

Ultrasonic sensor

Slide Potentiometer

Analog Servo (180°)


Grove 4-wire Connection Cables


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power Supply:via micro USB cable
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max) built in overcurrent protection
Breakouts component holes from micro:bit edge connector
Reserves touchable pins P1 and P2 from micro:bit
Up to 3 Grove ports (of which one is an I2C port)
Built-in speaker for playing melody
Plug and play
Compatible with Microsoft Makecode and microPython

Other Details

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 185 (L) * 85 (W) * 45 (H) (mm)
Weight 165 (g)
Age for Use: 8+


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More Information
Product Name in Widget BitStarter Kit
Length 18cm
Width 8cm
Height 4cm
Weight 0.17kgs
Battery Excluded