• What is it?

BitPlayer plus micro:bit, you just made a cool wireless remote controller and a game console for yourself.
To provide a comfortable gaming experience, the product uses a 2-axis joystick that just feel like any joystick on a popular Gameboy or PSP. There are 6 programmable push-buttons, the top left, top right, and button
A,B,C,D. With the built-in vibration motor and buzzer, you can get a quite immersive and interactive gaming experience.
Some people may feel that the 5x5 led matrix is not enough for making games, so we have the I2C Grove port on board for Grove One peripherals like OLED Display.

• Technical Features

- Plug and play
- Built-in vibration motor for interactive game control
- Built-in speaker for playing melody or providing sound effect
- I2C Grove port for extensions (eg. OLED screen)
- Powered with 2 AAA batteries
- Fully support Microsoft Makecode and microPython

• What is included

1x BitPlayer

• More Information

Get started with BitPlayer

Get started with Microsoft Makecode             

More Information
Length 11cm
Width 50cm
Weight 0.03kgs
Battery Excluded