• What is it?

BitMaker is a credit card sized extension board designed for connecting micro:bit with Grove One modules. It acts as a bridge for micro:bit and our Grove One system, which provides hundreds of different Grove One modules including sensors, actuators, communication modules and displays etc., which will broaden micro:bit’s ability in creating more projects easily and quickly.

The BitMaker not only has as many as 6 Grove ports for Grove modules, it also integrates a buzzer and 4 neopixel RGB LEDs. The touchable pins P0, P1 and P2 are also reserved for connecting banana plugs or crocodile clips if you are a fan of making a fruit piano.

• Technical Features

- Plug and play

- Built-in 4 addressable RGB LED and speaker for playing melody

- Up to 6 Grove ports (of which 1 I2C port)

- Overcurrent protection (rated at 1.5A)

- Reserves all touchable pins from micro:bit

- Fully support Microsoft Makecode and microPython

• What is included

1x BitMaker

• More Information

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More Information
Length 57cm
Width 70cm
Weight 0.02kgs
Battery Excluded