Grove Zero - PIR Motion Sensor

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• What is it?

The PIR Motion Sensor detects if there is a warm body like human or animal passing by.

• How it works?

PIR Motion Sensor is the short for ‘passive infrared motion sensor’, it is made of a special material that is sensitive to infrared(IR) light.

When the sensor is idle, it detects the ambient amount of IR radiated from objects in its field of view, like room or walls. When someone passes by, a change of the IR radiation happens. The sensor gets the change pulses to detect the motion. The PIR Motion Sensor can sense an area of around 3m–5m.

• Try it

Connect the c shown below, then pass by the area in front of the P n sensor on purpose, see what will happen.

• Real World Analogy

Automatic Door

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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