Grove Zero - Mech Key

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• What is it?

The Mech Key is a kind of mechanical switch that makes an audible clicking sound when you press it. The tactile click is so good that you can see it on many popular mechanical keyboards.

The Mech Key can detect events such as single press and long press. There is also a RGB backlit under the keycap for you to add some light effects.

• How it works?

The clicking sound comes from the mechanical structure of the switch. Just like normal switches, when you press the key you actually close a circuit and let signals pass through. Single press is closing the circuit for a very short period of time, while long-press or hold is closing the circuit for a bit longer before opening it.

• Try it

Connect the circuit as shown below, then click the key and see what will happen.

• Real World Analogy

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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