Grove Zero - Main Board BLE

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• What is it?

The Main Board BLE is the key to your creative projects. It has all the code inside that can make your projects blink and buzz. Connect it with any combination of Input + Output to start your inventions.

• How it works?

The Main Board BLE has a pre-set ‘snap-and-play Program’ to help you play and learn all the modules quickly and easily. It can also provide 5 volts of electricity to the circuit using a micro-USB cable, which is also for uploading code and updating firmware.

Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)allows you to upload your code or control your projects wirelessly.

You can program the Main Board BLE very easily with Codecraft to achieve more challenging projects.

• Real World Analogy

Computer, PC Host

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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