Grove Zero - LED Martix

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• What is it?

The LED Matrix is composed of 5x6 blue LEDs. It can display numbers, letters, graph bars, and pixel images.

• How it works?

The LED Matrix is like a very small section of screen. It displays information like words, numbers, and pictures through a combination of ON and OFF LEDs.

LEDs in the matrix have coordinates, for example, the LED in row A and column 1 is the base point, which has a coordinate (0,0), and the LED in row E and column 3 is located at (2,4). You can plot a smiley face by turning on the LEDs at specified coordinates while keep the others OFF.

• Try it

Connect the circuit as shown below, then click the buttons and see what will happen.

• Real World Analogy

LED Screen

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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