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• What is it?

The MP3 is a music player that supports audio file format including mp3, wav and wmv. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to speakers or headphones. The module does not have any storage, but there is a SD card holder so you can insert a micro SD card that has music in it.

• How it works?

The module plays the music stored in the SD Card. Simply connect the MP3 module to computer using a USB cable, then you can access the SD card and put music files into it. The module cannot read the name of the music files, it just numbers the files according to the order when they are stored, starting from 1. You can program the control board to send instructions to change tracks, volume or play mode.

• Try it

Connect the shown below to make a MP3 player.

• Real World Analogy

MP3 Player

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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