Grove Zero - micro:bit Car Shield

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• What is it?

This shield connects micro: bit to Grove Zero modules (like Chassis), allows you to make the smallest, coolest micro: bit car robot in just a few seconds.

• How it works?

It works by adding the versatile magnetic adaptors to yourmicro: bit and turning it into a Grove Zero control board that can work with the Grove Zero modules. It comes with built-in buzzer, programmable RGB LEDs a 200mAh rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery with a 5V USB cable. Connect the USB cable to the USB port of themicro: bit Car Shield, not the USB port on micro: bit!

Add the ‘Grove Zero’ package on Makecode for micro: bit and program your micro: bit to control the buzzer, lights or other Grove Zero modules that are connected to the shield.

• Add Grove Zero Package

Search for ‘Grove Zero’ on Makecode for micro: bit.

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft 

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