Grove Zero Car Kit

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A cool automated car in this kit are ready for you to use as soon as you snap it together. The car is assembled easily with only 4 modules and is able to recognize the colors it sees, which is fun project for both learners and hobbyists

This product makes it easy for you to assemble a color line following car. The car is constructed with only 4 modules through snap together magnetic connections; the color line follower, chassis, mainboard and battery. The kit also comes with interesting game maps for kids who are aged 6 or older to develop their skills and knowledge in maths, problem solving and programming.

Default programs are uploaded in the modules (for more info, visit here). When your tracking car is assembled and are ready, the default programs will kick in. You can draw a track on a piece of paper with a black marker pen. Then, put the car on the track and it will drive along the track immediately. After calibrating the line follower, it can even drive along lines of other colors. Three paper maps are included in the kit. You can use both the maps and the User Guide to find the magic of the car. Then, you can go to Codecraft to write programs to implement the various possibilities of your car.

We recommend that you buy a Grove Zero Starter Kit which extends the possibilities in which the car interact with the external world through other sensors or modules so you could implement a remote control car, a sound-activated car and a light-sensing car.

Read further for more details about the product as well as the Additional Resources tab just below the scrollable images, and if you still can’t find the information you need, contact us via our social media which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Key Features





graphical programming G0

Versatile Magnetic



   Snap & Play     

Lego Comptaible

Color-coded by





  • Education Focus

This product helps kids understand the basics of open-source electronics and develop skills in programming. Kids' creative thinking and hands-on skills are nurtured in their electronics learning. Not only can kids build knowledge of the modules and graphical programming, but also they can learn how to create their own DIY projects.  


color line follow G0

Color Line Following (Default Functionality)

-- Black: tracking (default)

-- Green: turn right

-- Blue: turn left

-- Red: stop

multiple color recognition

Multiple Color Recognition

After you calibrate the color line follower, the car can react diffferently to the colors. Perhaps it can act like a bull when it sees red, going backwards for one second, and forward for two seconds.


Educational Course Materials

We provide free Car Kit-related courses for schools and families. You can get started with Car Kit no matter whether you are at class or home.

  • This kit is suitable for: 

elementary and high school students / DIY hobbyists / learning centers / maker teachers / graphical programming beginners

  • Project Examples: 


G0 car kit project 1

Musical Car

Add a buzzer to the car. When the car recognizes a new color, it will play a different pitched note.


Sound-Activated Car

Replace the color line follower with a sound sensor. Your car will become a sound-activated car. The louder the sound, the faster the car drives.


Obstacle Avoidance

Replace the color line follower with an ultrasonic sensor. Your car will know how to avoid all those barriers on the way.


Remote Control Car

Take apart the color line follower. Add the twin-button,mainboard and battery modules. You car becomes a remote control car!



Add a 4 digit display module to the car, and it'll do your math calcs for you. You can use it to play all kinds of maths game on the map.

  • What's in the Box

carkit partlist

What's in the Box 


color line follower


mainboard BLE


micro USB cable (200 mm)

User Guide

3x map

Marker pens (black, red, blue, green)


Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Power Supply :micro USB cable
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max)

 Other Details:

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 180 (L) * 120 (W) * 45 (H) (mm)
Weight 300 (g)
Age for Use: 8+

Grove Zero Introduction

Grove Zero is a product series of programmable electronic building blocks that combine easy magnetic connections with graphical programming software to implement functional designs. Grove Zero is a great tool both for developing a child’s creativity and for teaching STEM concepts.



-- multidirectional magnetic connections

-- great variety of blocks to choose from

-- color coded by function

-- plug and play

-- graphical programming

-- LEGO compatible

grove zero series

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Programming Platform




CodeCraft is our graphical programming tool which brings hardware to life. Codecraft is regularly updated with demos and example projects to help you get your first project running ASAP! 

Recommended Ages: All ages


easy-to-use and user-friendly; supports programming on a wide range of hardware and has various tutorials and projects for users; supports translation between block-based code and a text based code

Related Course Material


Make 2 Learn:

TinkerGen has created an online learning platform called Make2Learn which contains our own course materials for a wide range of STEAM educators and programming hobbyists. You can view online or download the included videos, lesson plans and source code once you activate a course


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