Cubio - Lego Compatible Screenfree robot for introducing coding logic

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To facilitate STEM education in younger kids without adding to their daily screen time, TinkerGen Education has developed Cubio. Cubio is a cute toy robot designed to introduce kids age 4+ to programming logic through a series of engaging lessons or “quests”. Cubio is controlled by Command Cards with built-in function codes.

Cubio is a cute toy robot designed to introduce kids age 4+ to programming logic. 

Cubio is controlled by Command Cards with built-in function codes. With different combinations of Command Cards, kids can program Cubio to complete a series of adventurous missions. Through adventures, kids are guided to explore and create, while being introduced to basic programming concepts, nuturing computation & logical thinking. 

Cubio also can be extended with Lego to bring life to creations. 

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Key Features

Parts for off-screen programming 

Cubio reads the cards along the tracks to learn its "program''.

User Friendly and Intuitive

When the robot's power switch is turned on, the robot enters the recording state. You can place the robot on the instruction card fixed frame to start the recording process. After the robot has successfully recorded a program, it will enter the pending state until it starts executing the program. 
Place the robot on the starting flag map card, and the program will be exceuted after pressing the run key. At the end of the program run, the robot can run the same program again or record a new program. 

Programming Cards

Map Cards

  • This kit is suitable for: 

Maker teachers / early primary school students / homeschooling educators / Junior STEM camps

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Power Supply :16340 Li-ion Battery, 3.7V, RCR123A
Power Charging and Data connection: Micro USB cable
Display: 3x9 RGB LED Matrix
Lego Compatible Slots and PTO Gear


Other Details:

Other Details

Package Dimensions: 300 (L) * 192 (W) * 74(H) (mm)
Weight 1160 (g)
Age for Use: 4+

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