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Suggested Information for Technical Inquiries:

If your query is about Make A Robot Kit is our forum with helpful discussions. 
Have you read about your relevant software/hardware on TinkerGen Help Documentation ?
Have you explored related lessons on make2learn ? 

If you answered yes to both of the above and cannot find the help you are looking for, please provide the following with your technical query:
1. Describe the Issue
    1a) What did you expect to happen? or What did you want to happen?
    1b) What happened instead? 
2. Describe steps to reproduce the issue (can be written in text, preferably supported with screenshots/ photos or with a link to a video) 
    1. Go to'..'
    2. Click on '..'
    3. Connect "..'' 

3. Environment details:
Coding Platform: if using Codecraft, which Version; Find by going to Help > About Codecraft > V2.X.X.X
Operating System: 

4. Code used - if applicable, please attach the code files used, or direct us to the lesson/tutorial sample code you were using. 

5. Additional Context
Any extra information that will help us understand your problem and what you are trying to achieve.