Grove Zero - Color Line Follower

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• What is it?
The Color Line Follower detects lines and colors on the surface beneath it. You can attach it to the Chassis module to make a cute little line-following car.

• How it works?

The Color Line Follower contains one color sensor (the middle one) and four light sensors. Each one of them is paired with a white LED next to it.

The light emitted from the LED is reflected by the ground surface and then received by the paired sensor. By measuring the received light, the color sensor can detect the color of the surface while the light sensors can only tell if the surface is in deep color or light color. This is how a black line on the white surface is detected.

The sensors are placed in a row with a relative distance, so the sensors’ status indicate the relative position of the line (middle, left, most left, right, or most right).

• Try it

Connect the as shown on the left to make a little line following car. Make sure the Color Line Follower is connected to the front of Chassis.

• Real world analogy

Line Following Robot

• More Information

What is Grove Zero?

Programming Grove Zero with Codecraft      

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