BitMaker Lite - Grove expansion board for micro:bit (3 Grove ports)

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BitMaker Lite is a more compact version of BitMaker. It has only 3 Grove ports, but this is sufficient for many projects. The plug & play convenience means you can easily implement a project using a grove module for example a gesture sensor which according adjusts the colours of an RGB LED strip.

The BitMaker Lite is essentially a microbit shield, which breaks out the micro:bit connections and makes it easy for you to interface with other devices through the broken out pins, Grove ports for additional Grove sensors, as well an onboard buzzer.

BitMaker Lite is a simplified version of the BitMaker and is primarily designed for users who are beginning to learn and use the micro:bit. You can easily slide the micro:bit into the BitMaker Lite. The included buzzer, means the BitMaker Lite enables a lot of interesting audio projects, e.g. a fruit piano (to implement the fruit piano you will also need alligator clips).

It has 3 connection ports for Grove modules, allowing beginners to explore many different micro:bit's projects with diverse functions. If you haven't heard of Grove before, Grove is a Seeed series which you can read more about here


Of course if you are a veteran electronics tinkerer, all the micro:bit pins are broken out so you could solder extra connections to electronic modules to suit your project.

We recommend that you consider the BitStarter Kit. BitStarter Kit consists of a slide potentiometer, an ultrasonic sensor and a servo to implement various kinds of creative and fun ideas or designs.

If you don't have a micro:bit, click here to buy one.


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  • Education Focus

With the BitMaker Lite, students will develop open source electronics understanding as well as programming skills. Students must exercise creative thinking and use their hands as they design their own projects, customising functions through graphical programming. Not only can kids build knowledge of the modules and graphical programming, but they can also learn how to create their own DIY projects.

  • Product Details

BitMaker Lite Infographic


--plug and play

--three Grove interface ports (1 of which is I2C)

--built in buzzer

--compact design

--keeps touch pins of micro:bit accessible

--provides micro:bit expansion component holes

Microsoft MakeCode Compatible - A Powerful Programming Platform

MakeCode is a widely-used graphical programming software which allows you to program the micro:bit. You can easily use it through a web browser.


Educational Course Materials

We provide free BitMaker Lite-related courses for schools and families. You can get started with BitMaker Lite no matter whether you are at class or home.

  • This product is suitable for: 

    Maker teachers / DIY hobbyists / upper-primary, lower-high school students / micro:bit users/ homeschooling educators

  • Project Examples: 



BitMaker Lite project piano player

Piano Player

Make a simple music player with the onboard buzzer of the BitMaker Lite.

BitMaker Lite project Fun Gyroscope

Fun Gyroscope

Using the micro:bit together with BitMaker Lite, you can make the music respond to different orientations: when the micro:bit faces different ways, it will play different music!

BitMaker Lite project RockPaperScissors


When you shake the microbit, the matrix with randomly choose to display scissors, rock or paper symbol so you can play with your friends!


  • What's in the Box

What's in the Box 


Bitmaker Lite


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power Supply:via micro USB cable
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max) built in overcurrent protection
Breakouts component holes from micro:bit edge connector
Reserves touchable pins P1 and P2 from micro:bit
Up to 3 Grove ports (of which one is an I2C port)
Built-in speaker for playing melody
Plug and play
Compatible with Microsoft Makecode and microPython


Other Details:

Package Dimensions: 70 (L) * 45 (W) * 20 (H) (mm)
Weight 30 (g)
Age for Use: 8+

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Programming Platform



MakeCode for beginners


Microsoft MakeCode brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate code simulation results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels. MakeCode aims at inspiring people to explore computer science and creative coding. Leaners can immediately start programming when logging in it and find the real-world applications of computer science.

Recommended Ages: All ages

Features: easy-to-use and user-friendly; supports programming on a wide range of hardware and has various tutorials and projects for users; supports translation between block-based code and a text based code


Related Course Material


Make 2 Learn:

TinkerGen has created an online learning platform called Make2Learn which contains our own course materials for a wide range of STEAM educators and programming hobbyists. You can view online or download the included videos, lesson plans and source code once you activate a course


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