About us

Our Dream

While there are wide discussions about Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and robots, we know they will come one day. Nobody knows what the world and our life will be like when the day comes. Even though the future is unknown, we have to prepare in advance, so as not to panic when facing it.

Looking back at the technology development in the past 2 decades, from personal computer to Internet and then mobile Internet, we realized we would have fallen behind if we didn't learn to use these technologies.

In the future, technology will develop and iterate faster, and we need to provide opportunities for our children to get access to technology, to learn about technology and love technology. Only in this way can they adapt to the changing society and embrace the unknown world.

What is TinkerGen?

TinkerGen is the brand of Chaihuo Maker Education, based in Shenzhen China.

We help users master knowledge & skills in design, electronics, mechanics and programming etc. through high-quality & affordable products and contents that integrate fun into learning. These products unlash creativity and enable users to make innovative projects.

TinkerGen was spun off from Seeed in 2015, to better develop educational products and services. Hence, an independent team was founded to develop STEM education products and business cooperation in education sector. With 4 years of development, TinkerGen has been cooperating with 2000+ schools, making it the leading STEM education brand in China.